Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer time fun

Hi Beauts.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a bit of a list freak. I have shopping lists, bucket lists, wish lists, to do lists, lists for lists. So I thought why not make a summer list. Every year I plan on doing lots of fun things but things always get in the way, one thing being the poop weather. However this year, come rain or shine everything on this list will have a big fat tick next to it.

Strawberry picking
Wine tasting
Have numerous picnics, in a park, on the beach, in a field full of cows...........anywhere
Go to Edinburgh Zoo
Go to a theme park 
Send a message in a bottle
Days at the beach eating sandy sandwiches
A girlie spa day
Spend a day shopping in another city
Have a BBQ and toast marshmallows around a fire
Spend a day/night at the lakes
Have a fun filled sleepover with the girls, like the good old days. Films, pizza, face masks, the lot
Go to an aquarium 
Get my face painted......yes, I'm choosing to spend the summer acting like an 8 year old
Just have an amazing summer!

Let the summer fun commence!! 

What will you be getting up to this summer?

Stacey x


  1. Love your list! It looks like you will have loads of fun ticking everything off!

    1. Ah thank you :) I always plan loads every year and they never happen. I'll be making sure to tick everything off this year though lol

      Stacey x