Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Argan oil review

Hi Beauts.

I've never been one for hair products if I'm honest, so when the Argan oil craze kicked off I gave it a miss. However everyone seemed to rave about using Argan oil and say that it made their hair super smooth and soft and they noticed a huge difference in the condition of their hair. 
There's a whole bunch of oils that range in price and one that always seemed to get good reviews was the one from Primark. I had planned to pick one up but I have the memory of a goldfish and forgot to get one. But whilst in HomeBargains I noticed this one for 99p

I figured that if it didn't work I hadn't exactly bankrupted myself.
This oil claims to protect hair, add shine and control frizz. I've used it for about a month (twice a week) and whilst I'm not jumping for joy about it, it has definitely left my hair feeling softer and shinier.

The directions say to apply 3 drops to shorter  towel dried hair, and 4 to 5 drops to longer hair. Now the first thing I'll point out is that this is an open cap bottle so it's very hard to determine how much product will come out. Secondly I have quite long hair and I noticed that when I applied 4 or 5 drops I literally looked like I'd stuck my head in a chip pan. And thirdly (last negative comment I promise) this didn't control frizz at all, in fact it made my hair slightly frizzy. I only ever applied this to the ends of my hair and noticed that when I wore a ponytail there was definitely some frizz occurring.

Now on to the more positive points. First up, the smell. If I'm honest I had no idea what to expect this to smell like but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it and got a whiff of lemons. Next positive is how it left my hair in the long run. The frizz settled after a day and my hair was left really really soft and smooth and looked super shiny, which for me outweighs the frizz because I can just add a little serum and it keeps it under control.

Pheew that was a long post. Now would I repurchase? I'm still on the fence to be honest and I think there are so many others out there to try that I'd probably give this one a miss. I will use it up though, I hate wasting products.

Have you tried any hair oils that you love?

Stacey x


  1. I love morricanoil it's expensive but lasts for months. I have long hair and only use one pump each morning. You should defo give it a try xxx Jen xx

    1. I don't really mind splashing out if something's great, thank you for the recommendation lovely :)

      Stacey x