Tuesday, 9 July 2013

MUA palette overview

Hi Beauts.

I'm pretty certain that all beauty lovers out there own at least one product from MUA, and if you don't you really should.

MUA are a brand (an amazing one at that) with high quality products ranging from primers to foundations, eyeshadows to lipsticks, the whole she-bang. And the best thing of all is they're super inexpensive.
I have rather a large array of products and after writing up my 'Top picks' post, I thought I'd do a bit of an overview of the palettes that I have.

In no particular order,

Heaven and Earth £4.00:

This is a warmed toned neutral palette, filled with 12 shimmery shadows. It contains 2 great highlight shades, bronzes, light browns and dark browns. This is great for creating day to day looks, and brown smokey eyes for nights out.

Undressed £4.00:

Another neutral palette, but this time this one has 2 matte shadows and 10 shimmery shades. Shade 3 is a great matte transition shade and again this has 2 great highlight shades. The black looks shimmery in the pan, but is more of a matte once applied and blended in. The black and navy/gun mental shade make this palette great for creating day to night looks. This palette is also supposed to be a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette.

Undress me too £4.00:

Yet another neutrals palette (can you see a theme here?) However this one is more of a cool tone palette, and again contains 3 matte shades, a highlight, soft brown and a black, and 9 shimmers. The only bad thing I have to say about this is that the black shadow is so hard to get any colour payoff, other than that this is my favourite palette from MUA.

Going for Gold £4.00:

This was a limited edition palette for the Olympics (I'm not sure if its still available?) and contains 4 silver shades, 3 golds, 2 orangey golds and a bronze. All of the shadows are shimmery and I have to say, the 3 golds are some of the best I've tried yet!

The Artiste Palette £6.00:

This is the perfect palette if you travel a lot. It contains 6 eyeshadows, 2 pink blushes, a matte neutral toned bronzer and a pink pearlescent highlighter. So many looks can be created with this, and I think each product can be used in multiple ways

Each of these palettes have amazing quality eyeshadows in them. The pigmentation is great and they blend out really well. Needless to say, I'll be adding a few more to my collection soon!

That's it for the palettes I own, which is your favourite?

Stacey x


  1. I really need to get an MUA pallette! The undressed me too looks really nice :)


    1. Their palettes are amazing! Definitely worth a purchase :)

      Stacey x

  2. I have the undressed me too palette, and it is so good! Would love if we could follow eachother :) x


    1. It's a great palette isn't it? :) Just followed, lovely blog!

      Stacey x