Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Rimmel Scadaleyes Flex mascara

Hi Beauts.

When Rimmel announced that they were bringing out a new Scadaleyes mascara, I admit it wasn't top of my 'I must have' list. I'd tried the original Scandaleyes - In the bright orange tube - and if I'm honest I really didn't like it at all. I found the wand too thick to use as I couldn't get a proper grip, the bristles were too chunky that I kept poking myself in the eye and getting mascara all over my lid and the actual product smudged throughout the day.

Anywhoo, enough of the negatives of that mascara and onto the massive positives for this one: Scandaleyes flex:

Now the first thing I'm going to say is that I'm almost certain that the wand and bristles are exactly the same size and chunkiness as the original so I have no idea why I can use this one and not that one!

This mascara claims to contain a 'Flexible formula with enhanced weightless LYCRA technology  makes lashes look full and voluptuous but remain flexible, never stiff or brittle!'

I completely agree with the above statement! After applying one coat my lashes looked HUGE, separated and well just amazing. I also noticed that throughout the day they didn't 'dry' out (or smudge) so the claim that they never go 'stiff or brittle'  is true too! And this definitely feels lightweight, even with two coats I can barely tell I have anything on my lashes.

I usually don't love a mascara straight away, I like it to be open for a few days so it dries a little and then I can tell if I like or dislike it. Not this time, I loved it from the first time I applied it. If, like me, you weren't overly keen on the original, I'd say give this a bash. I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised 

If you have tried this, what did you thick? Did you like the original too?

Stacey x 

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