Sunday, 21 April 2013

Review Urban Decay De-slick oil control make up setting spray

Hi Beauts.

What better way to kick start my blog than with a review of one of my favourite products? Today I shall be reviewing Urban Decay De slick setting spray.

'De-slick is your ally against oil and shine! Mist before, and again after your beauty ritual to set your look for 16 shine-free hours. High-tech ingredients in our weightless mist cool the makeup's surface, control oil and help skin look beautifully matte all day'

As you can tell from my picture and the link above, Urban Decay have repackaged. Which I have to say I really like, looking very sleek UD!!

 Now onto the actual product and UD's claims. I can't really comment on the 16 hour wear because I haven't kept my make up on for that long, but this beauty did keep my make up looking perfect for 11 hours which I think is pretty amazing. I didn't need to powder my face once throughout the day, first time that's ever happened!

I have a few ways I like to apply this product, all work just as well as each other I just like to change up my routine every now and then. First up, I apply as directed - Spritz face before make up application and again afterwards, making sure the bottle is 8-10 inches away from the face. Secondly I spritz my foundation brush with de slick then apply my foundation, and then spritz my face when I have all of my make up on. And last but not least, if I have a short day but want my make up to stay looking great, I apply my make up then spritz my face. This way isn't as effective as the other two but it keeps my make up place for the length of time I need it to.

One thing I will recommend is not to apply your mascara until you have finished with the De slick. I've applied all of my make up, including mascara, sprayed this and then ended up looking like a panda....oops! If you have oily skin and want your make up to stay put, I'd wholeheartedly recommend this product. I only have a few uses left and will definitely be repurchasing 

 I can't compare this to any other make up setting sprays out there because I haven't used any, but after using this I don't want to try any others.

The nitty gritty
Price - £19.50
Amount of product - 118ml (Mine was limited edition)
Controls oil
Keeps skin matte
Fragrance free
Absorbs quickly
Also comes in a travel 30ml bottle for £9.00

Have you tried any of the Urban Decay setting sprays? What do you think?

Stacey x


  1. Ooh! Hadn't heard of this before, and 11 hours of stay put make up is good enough for me. :)
    Great review, will definitely purchase



  2. It's amazing stuff, the only thing that keeps my make up on!

    Stacey x