Sunday, 28 April 2013

All used up in April

Hi Beauts.

WOW how fast is this year going? I can't believe April is almost over, hoping this means we finally get some nice weather.
Today's post shall be my first 'empties' I always find these posts and videos useful


Avon Cherry blossom daily refreshing hair mask £1.50. I didn't notice any difference at all after using this, and it only ever so slightly had a cherry blossom scent. REPURCHASE? No. RECOMMEND? No

Batiste Dry shampoo £2.99. This is Holy Grail fro me. It smells amazing (My fave is tropical) and does an amazing job at keeping my hair looking fresh. REPURCHASE? Absolutely. RECOMMEND? 100%


Wilkinsons skinology tea tree blackhead cleanser 99p or 2 for £1.50. This is about my 4th bottle and I couldn't be without it. It contains Salicylic acid so it keeps spots at bay and I love it. REPURCHASE? Already have, multiple times. RECOMMEND? Yup, for anyone with blemish prone skin

Simple Soothing facial toner £2.99 for 200ml. I can't actually say I noticed a difference with this toner if I'm honest. I'm on the hunt for a great mattifying toner, I couldn't find one whilst out shopping so picked this up. If you have normal/dry skin then I think this is great. REPURCHASE? Probably, if I couldn't find another I liked/worked for me. RECOMMEND? Yes. And kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser £1.00 for 50 ml, £3.79 for 125ml. I loved this when I was younger because I had 'normal' skin, but as I get older my skin is getting oily. This didn't do anything for me (I received it in a gift set) however I did use it on my neck and chest, and it seemed to keep the skin soft. REPURCHASE? No RECOMMEND? Yes for those with normal/dry skin

Revlon  Colorstay foundation combination/oily £12.49. I love love love this foundation. It's the only highstreet/drugstore foundation that I've found to work for my oily skin. Holy Grail product for me. REPURCHASE? 100000% RECOMMEND? Absolutely!


Nivea Diamond touch shower cream oil £2.55. This is one of my favourite body washes. It smells divine, lathers very well and makes my skin feel so so soft. REPURCHASE? Already have, numerous times. RECOMMEND? Definitely

Nivea Smooth nourishing hand cream travel size £1.55. I admit, I'm the worst person in the world for applying hand cream and I think I've tried almost every cream out there. This one is aimed at dry hands,and it seemed to work pretty well. REPURCHASE? Maybe RECOMMEND? If you're in the market for a budget friendly hand cream, then yes.

Soap and Glory Scrub of your life travel size £2.50. I love this stuff. It smells good enough to eat, and the particles aren't too small or too big. I love how soft my skin felt after using it. REPURCHASE? Yes. RECOMMEND? Yes

Soap and Glory The righteous butter travel size £2.50. My go-to moisturiser. Smells amazing and it makes my skin feel amazing! Love love and love. REPURCHASE? I've already bought the regular size! RECOMMEND? Absolutely!

L'Occitane Spring Cherry hand cream £8.00 for 30ml. I bought this after hearing so many good things about L'Occitane, however I can't say I think it's worth the hype. Sorry. I suffer from really dry hands and this just didn't work for me (Hand cream battle post to come soon) I bought this one purely for the scent, and thinking that all their hand creams worked the same. I may just try out another scent/formula if anyone can recommend a cream for very dry hands? REPURCHASE? No. RECOMMEND? Only if you don't suffer from dry/very dry hands

Well beauts, that's it for this months empties. Have you used any of these products? What are your thoughts?

Stacey x


  1. Some lovely empties x

  2. It's amazing how many products you actually use up in a month! I didn't realise until I came to writing this post

    Stacey x

  3. I'll have to try that Revlon foundation, I'm on the lookout for a new one at the moment xx

  4. I love it, it stays on my skin all day and has a great coverage. Definitely recommend giving it a go :)

    Stacey x