Sunday, 28 September 2014

Kiko intensive hand balm

Hi Beauts.

One of my biggest complaints is that my hands are always dry and are definitely looking aged, considering I'm only 28, you'd think I was so much older just looking at my hands.

Whilst I was in Rome a few months back and spotted a Kiko shop in the train station, and obviously couldn't pass by without going in. Whilst browsing the many products one thing I spotted and snapped up was their intesive hand balm.

They had 3 different types of hand creams in total, but I read the 'intensive' and thought it was best suited to me. I've tried a ridiculous amount of hand creams in my time (some great, some not so much) but I've never tried a hand balm before so couldn't wait to crack it open. 

As you would expect from the name, the consistency was that of a balm and to me felt a little like a silicone which at first I found quite strange. Once applied and rubbed into the skin it did absorb pretty quickly which is always something I look for in any hand/body cream and lotion.

My hands felt really soft immediately after applying it, and I did notice that the balm felt as if it had left a film of something behind for a while after it had absorbed. Which, again is something I've never experienced before but is something I liked as I felt as it it continued to keep my hands soft for quite a while after applying.

I've been using this for a couple of months now and really am enjoying it. My hands are now feeling so much softer, and looking so much younger! This is definitely an item that will be getting a lot of use now that the colder months are approaching.

What's your holy grail hand cream?

Stacey x

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